Here are the Teams competing to be the Best of Bic:

Blimp Network
Team Lead: Faris Sheikh
he Blimp Network is a location-based application that allows people to know what’s going on in their area, directly connect with their neighbors, and do business with them. Aces
Team Lead: Chris Rattey
We are a team of developers, producers and designers from

Team Lead: Moritz Flogel
Location-based reminders for smartphones

Hicocx Surprise
Team Lead: Patrick Hickox
Creating virtual environments which enable the organization, retention, and access of knowledge

Team Lead: Angus
ideaphi is a collaborative computing platform that works with email. By giving users the ability to easily structure discussions on the platform, ideaphi gives users an easy way to make collective decisions. In short, ideaphi is like a decision engine.

Team Lead: Mark Kasdorf
A music discovery app that allows people looking for local artists to actually discover both the artist, and where they are playing next.

Kya Serve
Team Lead: Aaron Castillo
Integrated Communications, Data, Security, and Applications for Small Business.

Local Bands
Team Lead: Steve Hershman
Still hoping to find a team… give him a buzz at
Wants to make a spotify app that allows users to listen local bands playing tonight to discover concerts and then share that information with their friends.

Team Lead: Ethan Bagley
An Android app that will help people connect folks who are looking for skill X to people they know with skill X. Think of it as smart, instantaneous networking that doesn’t require business cards or an incredible memory.

Team Lead:  Dennis Rivera
Mobl.Me is a tool that helps drive customers to local businesses by improving user’s mobile web experience. With Mobl.Me, businesses will no longer worry they are losing business because customers cannot easily contact them through the mobile web. – Red Cross Facebook App                                                                                 Team Lead: Geordie Kaytes
Creating a Facebook-based app for the Red Cross to promote disaster preparedness. We’re focusing on building a fun and engaging way for people to build and share the contents of their “go-bag”, or portable evacuation kit.

Team Lead: Omid Sadeghpour
A social platform that fosters networking and collaboration within crowds

Red Alert
Team Lead: John Rice
We are solving two problems related to the Red Cross – the lack of engagement and the lack of preparedness by people under age fifty. People are not prepared for common weather related disasters even though the Red Cross has the information people need
Our solution was to build the best weather app since people use these daily on every platform from television and email to computers, smartphones and iPads. Our weather app stands out because it alerts people of dangerous weather and links them directly to a preparedness checklist with links to Red Cross information, training materials and Red Cross shelter locations.

Team MCA – Project name: Culture Near Me
Team Lead: Chris Marstall
We’re using the Boston Globe API & a database of public art locations to create a mobile app that will tell you what culture is around you in Boston!